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NTMs TRAINS researcher file

You can download here the NTMs TRAINS researcher file for use in Stata (version 12) containing all non-tariff measures aggregated at the HS 6-digit level by researchers and data analysts. You will also find a file with the names and country codes to expand the data to a fully bilateral structure. The data can easily be used for descriptive statistics as well as for quantitative analysis by merging the file for instance with trade and other datasets.

The data collection follows a standardized and globally coherent approach described in the UNCTAD Guidelines to Collect Data on Non-Tariff Measures. However, the different regulatory practices in each country complicate cross-country comparisons. The user guide provides more information. Furthermore, the highest quality control standards are applied but collecting and classifying NTMs is a very complex exercise so that errors can occur.

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Please refer to the database as "UNCTAD (2017), TRAINS NTMs: The Global Database on Non-Tariff Measures".

UNCTAD is the focal point within the United Nations system for the integrated treatment of trade and development. UNCTAD’s Programme on NTMs aims to enhance the transparency on NTMs and to provide support to policy makers.

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