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  • Measures: Sanitary and Phytosanitary [SPS] [A], Technical Barriers to Trade [TBT] [B], Pre-shipment inspection [INSP] [C], Contingent trade protective measures [CTPM] [D], Quantity control measures [QC] [E], Price control measures [PC] [F], Other measures [OTH] [G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O], Export-related measures [EXP] [P]
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    Date(s): 24/09/2021 [in force]
    Product(s): Any

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    Country imposingPartner affectedRequirementsPhaseMeasures 
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force46
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force18
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force2
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force161
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force286
    Brunei DarussalamBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force2
    CambodiaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force70
    CambodiaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    CambodiaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force12
    CambodiaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force3
    CambodiaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force36
    CambodiaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force120
    CambodiaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force1
    IndonesiaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force74
    IndonesiaAll MembersOther measuresIn force4
    IndonesiaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force52
    IndonesiaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force5
    IndonesiaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force8
    IndonesiaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force116
    IndonesiaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force314
    IndonesiaBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force44
    IndonesiaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    IndonesiaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force9
    IndonesiaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force7
    Lao People's Democratic RepublicAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force82
    Lao People's Democratic RepublicAll MembersOther measuresIn force1
    Lao People's Democratic RepublicAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force14
    Lao People's Democratic RepublicAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force48
    Lao People's Democratic RepublicAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force26
    Lao People's Democratic RepublicAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force38
    Lao People's Democratic RepublicAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force82
    MalaysiaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force66
    MalaysiaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force5
    MalaysiaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force12
    MalaysiaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force8
    MalaysiaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force247
    MalaysiaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force327
    MalaysiaBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force24
    MalaysiaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force6
    MalaysiaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    MalaysiaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force13
    MalaysiaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force4
    MyanmarAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force35
    MyanmarAll MembersOther measuresIn force1
    MyanmarAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    MyanmarAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force13
    MyanmarAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force5
    MyanmarAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force75
    MyanmarAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force41
    PhilippinesAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force145
    PhilippinesAll MembersOther measuresIn force9
    PhilippinesAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force22
    PhilippinesAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force22
    PhilippinesAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force53
    PhilippinesAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force131
    PhilippinesAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force356
    PhilippinesBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force1
    PhilippinesBilateralExport-related measuresIn force1
    PhilippinesBilateralOther measuresIn force3
    PhilippinesBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    PhilippinesBilateralPrice control measuresIn force1
    PhilippinesBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force3
    PhilippinesBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force102
    PhilippinesBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force4
    SingaporeAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force44
    SingaporeAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    SingaporeAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force35
    SingaporeAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force1
    SingaporeAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force127
    SingaporeAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force298
    SingaporeBilateralExport-related measuresIn force5
    SingaporeBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force2
    ThailandAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force91
    ThailandAll MembersOther measuresIn force1
    ThailandAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force7
    ThailandAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force20
    ThailandAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force36
    ThailandAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force430
    ThailandAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force518
    ThailandBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force53
    ThailandBilateralExport-related measuresIn force37
    ThailandBilateralOther measuresIn force2
    ThailandBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force37
    ThailandBilateralPrice control measuresIn force2
    ThailandBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force5
    ThailandBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force332
    ThailandBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force55
    Viet NamAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force50
    Viet NamAll MembersOther measuresIn force11
    Viet NamAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force5
    Viet NamAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force7
    Viet NamAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force7
    Viet NamAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force121
    Viet NamAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force118
    Viet NamBilateralExport-related measuresIn force7
    Viet NamBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force4

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